We are a family owned business and we love to travel. We went to the same university but did not meet until a school trip took us to Tanzania. We have lived in Uganda and now live in Kenya. We are truly East African citizens. This is our home and we love it. We want to share our home with you because we believe it offers some of the worlds amazing history and wildlife.

We have a passion to showcase East Africa to the best of our ability. We believe that the service we offer is a reflection on ourselves. We believe that when we give you our best service and expertise, we are spreading parts of ourselves into the world.

We aim for our safaristo reflect your tastes; from indulgent lodges and tented camps, cultural experiences, even to the type of driver/guide to accompany you. We love to customize your safari and as locals use our knowledge and connections to deliver you the best experience.

We know it’s the little things that will make your safari special, and our passion lies in getting the details right. We therefore aim to exceed our client’s expectations. We encourage you to open your heart and experience our home. We hope that the end of your safari will be a beginning of a love affair with our home.