Commanding a majestic panorama of Masai Mara, the Savannah of the maasai people, the lodge is astride a plateau gently sloping down towards a rugged, well-defined escarpment.

23 cottages are spread on both sides of the centrally placed common club-house parallel to the escarpment.

The club-house fuses two basically semi-circular, fan-shaped components. Beneath this are various functions which are terraced relative to the sloping terrain.


Accommodation Highlights:

  • Western food served with table d’hote is our standard with some ingredients directly come from our vegetable garden every day
  • buffet service with Kenya-style barbecue is also provided
  • A Sundowner can be arranged at the baboon bar on request.
  • An observatory right next to the baboon bar has a fine view of the Mara
  • Gift shop
  • The swimming pool is available for staying guests